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  Getting the DMs known - Araw  
Hello, Araw. Thank you for taking part in the interview. Could we begin by talking about yourself. How did you come to UTT2?
Thanks. I joined UTT2 straight from UTT1, I think I was on UTT1 for about a year before UTT2 came on line. I can still remember some of the areas from that module, in fact there was a certain Lizard area where I think I first bumped in to clone no 3, nostalgia creeping in now. Fun times.

Did you make further experiences as a DM on other server or even as a pen & paper DM?
Actually my DM experience prior to UTT is zero. As was my knowledge of LOTR, I had read the hobbit up to that point and thatís all. My role play experience was also zero, I can clearly remember getting tons of guidance from the DMs at the time. For example my hobbit character once talked of Morgoth, and I was gently told in a tell that the sort of things he was going on about were not exactly hobbit knowledge. But I was willing to learn and was provided with a lot of support from the admin team at the time.

You left the server as a DM for a certain time. Why did you come back? Did you miss it that much?
I came back because the server gives a unique opportunity to be creative in a wonderfully build Middle Earth environment and I enjoyed and missed that a lot. Then there is also the chance to lose your self in the world for a few hours and set up quests etc which others take pleasure from. Another thing is the shared interest of Middle Earth for all who come to play here, the role play interaction is extremely satisfying and quite often inspiring. That inspiration leads to quest ideas which can only come to fruition if youíre a DM. So I guess I did indeed miss it that much!

Whatís the most important thing for good role-play in your opinion?
Itís very hard to single any one thing out as the most important; but if I had to, then I would say that ensure youíre in the mood for role play. If youíre in the mood for it, then you will enjoy it and you will fall in to character quicker and play better and enjoy it more. If youíre not in the mood for it, then however good you normally are, you risk coming across as forced and getting frustrated.

What do you like at most on this server?
I like most the periods when the community is abuzz with creativity, be it on the forums or in the game world. I love reading the IC forum posts, players creatively overcoming challenges during DMEs and of course I very much enjoy taking part in DMEs as a player.

As you ran the Errand of Mercy DME series very successfully, will there be other such events? And could you tell us some hints?

There will definitely be more such events and I can certainly provide a few hints for the next one. The inspiration for it came from one of the players asking for a little quest for one of his characters. It revolves around a few missing pages of a recently recovered book from Himling, snatched from the hands of black Numenorians by a daring raid by elves, aided by a dwarf and a hobbit. It may also involve the return of a NPC character called Joel Quilby who went in to hiding with the aid of the elves at a time when elf friends in Tharbad were being assassinated off.

What would you like to see more on this server?
What I want to see more of is probably the same as most other folk. Top of the list would be quests for levels 12 and above. I would also like to see more DM events and should players need an event run for a character to develop them, I would be very happy to listen to their proposal.

And last but not least, now something you like to add or say to the community:
I would like to say thanks to the community for all the enjoyment I have had and hopefully will continue to have from the various interactions, be they reading IC posts on forums, playing on the server or running events.

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