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  10th December 2006 - Community Xmas/New Year Newsletter  
i everyone.

Itís been a steady past month for the community with some notable ups and downs Ė we really appreciate the support you have shown, so first a big thank you to all the players and staff.

I was very pleased with the response to the Evil Update (the previous large update). It addressed a lot of issues and since then, evil activity has increased with a lot of excellent role-playing and events going on, which is a delight to see. Long may it continue.

A couple of weeks ago, there was great sadness when three of our DMs; Curumo, Aiwendil and Araw decided to leave the community to pursue other commitments. All three where highly active and significant contributors to the community Ė the loss of these three highly talented and wonderful people was felt by the whole community and for some of us, it felt like things had taken a steep spiral downwards. But, Iím pleased to say, this community, as it has always done, has bounced back from this great low point and picked up the pieces - as Curumo, Aiwendil and Araw wanted. It would have been an immense disservice to the three of them, should things have ground to a halt. So, again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to all the players and staff who have rallied together to support the community - my appreciation is boundless. And to Aiwendil, Araw and Curumo, from me and the whole community Ė best wishes and we really hope to see you again in the future.

We have recently appointed a new DM who many of you have seen on the server the last week or two. DM Elbereth is an experienced DM and has already been running a number of small, on the spot events. Weíre delighted to have her aboard and hope that she brings a lot of fun to the game for everyone.

One of our most recent additions to the DM team, DM Unien, has been trying his hand at the NWN toolset and has come up with some fantastic work which will soon be added to Untold Tales of Tolkien II. He has created the impressive Elostirion tower which will be accessible to Tirin guild members and he has also been working alongside DM Gwaihir on some new areas in Rhovanion. I must add that Unien has produced some very impressive work, some of the finest Iíve ever seen from a newcomer to the toolset Ė so prepare to be impressed!

DM Olorin, steadily returning to the front line, following his sabbatical from the development team has been hard at work on some ďTolkienisationĒ changes to Esgaroth to make it feel more like the description given in the texts. All content in the city will generally remain how it was before, but expect to see a fresh, different and, as always from Olorin, a stunning look. Expect his latest works to be online soon.

Iíve been putting most my energy into Untold Tales of Tolkien III, which is being built using the NWN2 toolset. Progress has been very steady with the bulk of UTT2ís items recreated in all their glory, along with a number of creatures. Iíve recently been working on the Dol Guldur and Mirkwood regions and the Dol Guldur campaign series of quests. The module shows great potential already at this early state. I hope to post more frequently in the NWN2 forums about the project soon. This will include discussions on features and ideas. Screenshots will be provided and hopefully during the Christmas holidays period, I will open up Untold Tales III for some demonstrations on the work done so far, and to give some of you the opportunity to offer comments after having seen the module itself.

Iím pleased to announce the official launch of a new player guild called Melkorís Chosen. As you can tell, this is an evil guild and will be involved in all manner of dastardly goings on (boo, hiss). The group is already highly active and there will just about always be a member online. We are delighted to see new guilds forming as a result of dedicated, loyal players and great role-playing coming together. We hope to induct many more guilds in the future.

I think that just about covers everything. A final thank you to everyone for their steadfast support - it really makes a difference. I hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

Best wishes

DM Kev/Iluvatar


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