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  30th October 2006 - CEP2 in UTT2  
E WILL BE upgrading the mod to use CEP2. We won't be using all of it, at least not to begin with, but we will be using it.

You can download it here: Community Expansion Pack 2

Although we probably won't be using everything we would advise you to download all parts of CEP2 just in case and for completeness - there are various "packages" available, choose the one that's right for you. Full instructions are provided on the CEP2 download page.

Please remember not to delete your CEP 1 haks and other files, in order to remain fully compatible with both CEP1 and CEP2 mods.

You will also need our new MERP custom merpCEP2 .tlk and .hak files.

The .tlk and .hak files the ZIP archive need to be placed in the tlk and hak folders in the NWN directory. These files are necessary for our custom conent to remain compatible with the new CEP2 material, they DO NOT replace the MERPrc_v168. That is still required.

Thank you.


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