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  22nd October 2005 - Latest Module Updates and 2 new HAKs in use!  
ecause its fun to make you lot work for it, it is time once again to shimmy over to the faithful NWvault and download a pair of fine tileset haks. DOA City Rural and Dwarven Halls. Both are going to add a lot to UTT2 with the coming update and will provide even more in the future.... Fret not, however, they are both only wee downloads and won't tax your bandwidth unduly. Both are around the 5 MB mark. Click on the thumbnail images here on the right to find them...

NEW HAKS: Yes, you will need 2 new tileset haks. ( I did mention at some point we'd add more. These are the LAST 2). As usual, download and place in your hak folder.

Make sure you have everything you need for MERPuk on our
Downloads Page

So what's in this here update I hear you ask...
  MORIA redone in dwarven halls tileset by DM Olorin. He has gone the whole hog and built all of Moria as given in the text. This looks spectacular. Moria is now many times larger than it is now and just as dangerous. Detail is greatly incresed and the size gurarantees a lot of parties will get lost in there. Moria includes "copies" of the existing areas and at least 40 new areas.
  NEW-look moria ORCS and GOBLINS by DM Kev. These look so much better and the orcs now have an extra sorcerer so their encounters are more varied in terms of sorcerers and the spell sequences they use.
  DOL GULDUR troops have been created by DM Kev, again, a great variety here. There will be encounters of these about Mirkwood in close proximity to woodelves so a punch up on occasion will ensue between these factions
  New Quest available in Esgaroth. "ENTANGLEMNT" by DM Kev is a new search/rescue/escort type quest which should provide some good fun for a party in the levels 5-12 range.
  New MIRKWOOD area and improvements to all Mirkwood areas by DM Kev. Fog and tree canopies have been added.
  Tolkienising/regionising of weapons and armour. We are now starting to phase in our new system to be eventually rid of the default + system for items. We have also begun to regionalise weapons and armour so a character can feel more personalised by using weapons from a certain region. This also means that certain items are not available in particular regions.
  UMBAR by special guest player builder Luthianna - We are keeping a bigger lid on this because it's just fantastic! But fear not, I have tested this several times already and you won't be disapointed!
  LOTHLORIEN by DM Lorien. He's really gone to town on this region. Much of the region is in place and some quests are ready, however some of it will remain in progress when we update, though this shouldn't prove a hindrance to players. Completion of Elrond's final quest is required to enter Lothlorien.
  RIVENDELL by special guest player builder Ptolomy - Everything about the new Rivendell is amazing, especially the exterior. The cobblestone Kingdom tileset has been put to good use here. All Elf players will be delighted with this.
  New EDORAS and interiors by DM Kev. Quite a dramatic difference here.
  Massive bug/error catchup. Thankyou for all your assistance in finding the problems.
  A large collection of new/altered/improved/corrected scripts by DM Aule
Enjoy the game.

DM Kev
Untold Tales Of Tolkien I + II
WCN - Wireplay Community News - Manager

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