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  29th September 2005 - Our NWN2 Project...  
few of you are probably aware that a meeting took place this evening concerning the future of the community in the nwn2 era.

There has been a fair deal of conjecture on the subject by staff and players alike lately and I can now make an official announcement regarding what the future of this great community will be.

I'm pleased to announce that we will be producing a middle earth module for Neverwinter Nights 2, provisionally titled Untold Tales of Tolkien 3. Once again we will be producing our own unique interpretation of Middle Earth for roleplay and Tolkien enthusiasts all over the world, leading the way and setting the standard every higher in our category.

So once again, as I stated when i announced the development of Untold Tales 2 this time last year; what is there to expect? More - more fantastic content, more ingenius scripts, more involving and indepth npcs, more great stories, more epic tales and more stunning action! More fun building on what we have learned so far!

The same team will be working on UTT3 and im also very happy to announce that Barking_Mad, that great chap who did the scripting for UTT1 will be rejoining the team and mucking in with scripting and building. There will be other additions over the next few months, including an artist or two to produce some personalised images for us.

Our community will also don the name of Wireplay MERP (Wireplay Middle Earth Role Play) just to make it clearer that we are a Wireplay gaming community.

So I hope you all welcome this idea in your comments to this announcement. I'd like to thank all those who have played here and appreciated the efforts I've made over the years. I'd like to thank the other NWN staff who work tirelessly to provide you with entertainment and have helped me make my grand designs a reality. And finally a big thankyou to Wireplay for taking us on back in 2004 and giving us the stability to continue on to NWN2.

DM Kev
Untold Tales Of Tolkien I + II
WCN - Wireplay Community News - Manager

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