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  26th August 2006 - The Windlord Speaks from His High Eyrie...  
HE LATEST UPDATE is now live!
Changes include:


An all new Tharbad and Greater Minhiriath region by Olorin. This project is the result of months and months of dedicated work by our most prolific and skilled builder. It is, in my view, his most impressive contribution to date and lets hope it wont be the last! I will leave it to Olorin to post a description of any details he sees fit to and otherwise up to you to discover, enjoy.

  A much smaller and less polished or detailed wilderness project by myself. This includes a reworking of three neighbouring central regions: Rhudaur, the Misty Mountains and the Vales of the Anduin. This is an ongoing project with caves and further details (such as a travelling conditions script) to be added soon. Please do take care when travelling in the high mountains, the locals aren't very friendly!
  A revised and improved crafting machine system by Aiwendil. This includes a machine to strip the properties from items you want to use as a base for transferring new properties onto which will save us all much time and annoyance recrafting items when we've bought a new and improved versioon, very handy.  
  Curumo has produced a fantastic range of items in the field of herbs, potions and healing kits. These will eventually form the basis of a regionalised herbalism crafting system but for now are available from a few likely local suppliers. More of these merchants will be rolled out very soon. One of the more 'hard to find' areas in Tharbad, I won't say which, was built by Curumo which is his first area area for the module. It is a great first contribution in this department and I know there are more in progress now he's wetted his appetite with this!  
  Avalyn has produced a magnificent guildhall in Tharbad for his ongoing Silversword's saga, visit the main entrance hall to read details of this enthralling dynastic tale. Those mercenaries interested in joining should look out for old Bereval in-game or otherwise contact Avalyn.  
  Various contributors, but overwhelmingly Olorin, have added significantly to the pallette of items available (armours particularly). Some of these new items are already available from NPC merchants but we also hope to put more of them 'on the market' very soon with further revisions to merchants across the module.  
That is a brief summary of more or less all the major changes, I think. If I've left anything out or got anything wrong, apologies to those concerned!

I'd like to stress that we see this update as work in progress. There are areas which we'd like to add more detail to, particularly in terms of new quests and non-quest activities, and we will be doing so on an on-going basis. However, after much debate within the team, we agreed that it would be better to put out the content we have rather than hold so much that is ready back in an attempt to get things just perfect.

So there are areas that may seem a little underdeveloped (eg NPCs with limited dialogues and cave entrances going nowhere) and there will no doubt be bugs and errors aplenty. We will address these issues going forward as and when time permits but, in the mean time, I really do hope that you enjoy all that the content which is now on-line has to offer.

I'd like to end by voicing my personal thanks to and admiration for Olorin. His dedication to this community and the outstanding level of his contributions are, quite simply, second to none! He has taught me everything I know about modding (well almost ) and served as a great inspiration to myself, the rest of the Dev team and many players (in many ways but perhaps most relevantly here) to always strive towards achieving our very best.

Congratulations on another fantastic contribution, I salute you sir!

*refills the old greybeard's pipe*

DM Gwaihir

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