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  8th February 2008 - Getting the DMs known - Lòrien  
oday a new series has been started. From now on I will interview one of our DMs each month, so that our players get them known. This month we start with DM Lòrien, one of the eldest DMs on MERP UK.

Hello LÚrien, thank you very much for the interview. Would you please tell us something about yourself?
Hello, and not a problem. Happy to take part. Something about myself? I work as a trainer for the NHS (Englands public health service). I live in Bristol in England so am in the UK timezone.

I have quite an RPG background - like many I started with DnD, for me it was AD&D (second edition) although I used to (and probably still do) have copies of the first edition. In DnD I was always a player, from there friends and I moved through many different games, and at times I've been DM and player. My first DMing experience was a one off Judge Dredd adventure which I wrote and ran about 17 years ago. The main systems I DM'd though were Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Aliens the RPG and Iron Crown Enterprises MERP (which I would hope we all know stands for Middle Earth Role Play). In fact it was the recognition of the MERP name that first drew me to this server. Nowadays I still DM PnP games - currently my favourite to DM is Serenity.

DM Eönwë
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