NW Vault Hall of Fame Wireplay
  25th July 2005 - THE SHIRE finally goes online!  
ollowing much beard tearing and burning the candle at both ends, we now have a workable version of the Shire...
It should prove a wonderful starter area for non-evil characters, especially Hobbits of course. Features include:

  A dozen new quests, most are non-combat and offer the chance to explore the area without getting new-born characters stabbed, shot, impaled, bludgeoned, disembowelled, eaten or otherwise, killed stone-dead. Opportunities exist to "do your bit" for the Shire Shirriffs without landing yourself in peril, but allowing you to get your bearings and learn the lay of the land. That said, a number of quests lead into mini-adventues where a plethora of new creatures, from the mundane to the downright odd will try to ingest you or similarly ruin you day. Expect the unexpected...
  The new Shire update expands the number of areas of the shire from our initial seven, to an even 40.
So plenty of scope for that aforementioned exploration and discovery. The Shire has some very atmospheric sounds, so get yer headphones on and immerse yourself.
  A new Start Area has been added. If Bree is a little too scary for you timid Hobbit-types then why not enter Middle Earth at Bywater in the West Farthing of the Shire.
  Dozens of named NPCs from Tolkien's works reside in the Shire and many more of our own devising can be encountered. Most have, at the very least, a greeting for you, some have a lot more.
  Some of the areas are still open for expansion. For example, we have not included the North and South Farthings of the Shire at all yet. That will be done at some stage, possibly not in such a large chunk as this update, but in a more gradual fashion... Certain areas that have gone in are already prepared to receive slightly more challenging quests. In all likelyhood these will be available from Gildor in the Woody End, who may have a task or two for you, or from the Elves of Mithlond.
  Mithlond, the Grey Havens, located at the extreme west of the East Road is also in. At the moment there is little to do but wander in and have a look - Pretty isnt it - Fear not, at this very moment I am working on a fuller and richer Mithlond. Rest assureed there will be plenty to do in this venerable place. I am considering many options as we speak.
  Enjoy... oh, and a handy hint to aid you in that... leave the upper storey display "on" and please, whatever else you do, turn the grass "OFF" as it will obliterate all the near ground detail and lets face it, when you are a Hobbit, you don't want a lawn that comes up to your chest do you !



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