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  23rd July 2005 - Latest Module Updates - Minas Tirith and Dol Guldur.  
he following, courtesy of DM Kev, is now online:

  Minas Tirith has been redone in the Cobblestone tileset. The previous layout has been generally maintained.
  The Greenway South, Tharbad road and the Great East Road sections (east of Bree) have been redone in cobblestone tile set.
  Dol Guldur has had a good make over. Lighting has been improved to make a more darker feel. Quest XP rewards have been increased so that characters leave Dol Guldur with at least another level.
  New NPC Thrall Master Arfansor added to Dol Guldur. This fellow is our 'new player friendly' quest giver, though he is just as good for those who have roamed Dol Guldur before. He becomes your friend over time and aswell as giving out three quests, you can also talk to him about all manner of things like you've never been able to before. He has two obvious quests by asking the right questions, but the third is hidden in the dialouge with him and you need to pick it up by taking an interest in what he is saying.

You spawn in Dol Guldur right next to him and he is recommended as your first port of call when starting a new evil character, before beginning the more demanding quests.

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