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  20th June 2005 - Important Announcement  
here's been some important changes on the "organisational" side of our server.
DM Kev, creator of the UTT project and long-time head DM, has been in charge of MERPUK for over two years. The server has been a great success, and the community we have built up is marvellous. We have a talented and highly dedicated dev team. All this would not have been possible without his dedication and hard work.

Recently he has been getting involved in other parts of Wireplay gaming as well -- among others, he is in charge of Wireplay's newsletter WCN and is admin and map maker for the CS:S community --, and thus, the time he has available for MERP is becoming more and more limited.

In view of all this, DM Kev has decided to concentrate on his other duties and take a back seat in UTT development for a while. He will still be involved, but only for very important issues -- bans logging, hardware or server issues and the like --, but the bulk of the work will be done by others. This will have several implications for the community, here the main ones:

Development of the module WILL CONTINUE -- Kev is leaving the rest of the dev team in charge. DM Aule will act as Deputy Community Liaison for the MERP community. This means that any and all queries related to the server, module or community should be directed at him, rather than DM Kev.

The dev team will work together to keep up the high-quality content that we are used to seeing under Kev's direction. However, as running a project of this size is new to us, there may/will be hitches -- please bear with us, we're doing our best.

We have formulated plans for the immediate future, and although we'd like to keep some of them as surprises, here are a few of them -- think of them as teasers.

  The first is a technical point -- there will be more regular/scheduled resets, at least one daily, in an attempt to reduce server lag.
  Secondly, expect to see an increased DM presence. We are completely dedicated to this project, and intend to make ourselves felt again.
  Thirdly, there are plans to have regular (weekly?) major DM-led events, on a continuing storyline. Watch this space for further announcements.
  New content lined up -- there is a wealth of material almost ready for inclusion in the module, we're adding the finishing touches. Some of it has been presented in teaser screenshots already, maybe we'll release a few more of these.
  MerpPRC -- the project is not dead. The current re-adjustments may delay it a little bit, still... expect a wealth of Middle-Earth specific classes to be added over summer.

That's all for now.
Thank you for your patience, it's a pleasure having you all as members of the community.

DM Kev and the UTT2 Dev Team (DMs Araw, Aule, Lorien, Olorin).

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