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  17th June 2006 - Patches, a Welcome to DM Aiwendil, and Welcome Returns...  
LITTLE BIT OVERDUE *coughs*, but better late than never as they say in the Shire. In the interests of simplicity and since Untold Tales II has been patched to NWN 1.67, here are the new files you will need to download, once you have updated your version of NWN to 1.67.

  CEP 1.53 download - The latest CEP patch 1.53 fixes certain compatability issues with the NWN 1.67 update. Open the .ZIP or .RAR file (whichever one you downloaded) and place the CEP 1.53 in your HAK folder within your NWN folder.
  MERPrc Version 1.4.zip - Ensures that our custom HAK remains compatibe with Bioware and CEP content. Open the .ZIP file and place the file in your HAK folder within your NWN folder. You may safely discard the older version of the MERPrc, it is no longer required.
  Optional Extra - If any of you adventurous souls feel inclined to download the new NWN tileset pack from Bioware, you may do so. There are no concrete plans to use them at this time but i can forsee the potential of some use for them in our future updates.

ELCOME TO DM Aiwendil. Our newest member of staff joins us and has already set to work with his toolset. That's him over there tinkering with the crafting system *points*, among other things...


Check out our forums for the latest info, progress reports and comments on his work on our forums under : MERP Custom Crafting

  A minor issue but an important one. UMD will now only allow Rogues and Bards to use Class Restricted items rather than Race and Alignment Restricted ones. Here is the thread discussing it :
Item Limitation Enforcement
  Well done to him also for getting to grips in an unfamiliar medium and fixing the Skills Check Bug caused by the latest Bioware Patch.
  Thanks to him also for employing his skills to fix various other scripting issues that the rest of us were unable to resolve without him. This is us patting him on the back and saying howdy... *click*

ELCOME BACK TO DM Curumo, after a short leave of absence (he's feeling a lot better and those horse tablets really did the trick once the singing jellyfish went away). He will be adding his flair and style to your adventures as often as he is able. Thanks go to him for his creation of our regionalised potions, herbs, poisons and various merchants that will be making their way into the world very soon.

Welcome also, to DM Yavanna, who has returned to us after a busy time in academic circles.



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