NW Vault Hall of Fame Wireplay
  8th June 2005 - Tileset HAKs in use!  
es, I know, I lied about the use of tileset HAKs! I told you all that there would be no tileset HAKs whilst I was busily working though a selection I had decided to use. False pretences can sometimes trigger a greater surprise.

For now, we will be using two tileset HAKs. A full forest and rurla combined and a fantastic advanced rural/city combo. Both HAKs have excellent reviews, one of which is Hall of Fame rated, like us...

he downloads section has been updated and contains links to both Tileset HAKs. Both of these files (compressed) come to about 50 mb. The second file will get a lot bigger once its in your HAK folder. Despite the size, expect it to be used very often over the next few weeks. Expect UTT2 to go from awesome to spectacular.

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