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  2nd June 2006 - The Two Tributes  
VERY SPECIAL DAY has just gone by, for two reasons.

Our community is now three years old. Starting with just me in may 2003, we have steadily built up to what we have become today. I began by dabbling wth some ready made template LOTR modules for a few months untill I became inspired enough to set out my plans for Untold Tales. So successfull has UTT been with such positive feedback and involvement from players that UTT became a series, with UTT1, UTT2 and now the much anticipated UTT3 well into its planning stages with a larger team gathering behind it. The future it seems, will continute to be one of enjoyment, success and improvements. I've really enjoyed these three years and have no regrets for kicking this thing off. I look forward to another year of fun and exciting work with you all. I'm sure the others will want to throw their bit in, so feel free to fire away below.

The second special event is Avalyn's Birthday which passed us a few days ago. Avalyn was the first person to join me after I launched the community and has stuck with us through thick and thin since then. He has had a lot of involvement on and off the server. He has had to deal with a lot of personal issues over the years and to his credit, he has seen those problems off and for that I think he is worthy of everyones admiration - he certainly has mine. Happy birthday Avalyn and I hope you continue to contribute as well as you've always done.

DM Kev
Untold Tales Of Tolkien I + II
WCN - Wireplay Community News - Manager

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