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  19th March 2008 - Campaign Prelude: Forochel Campaign  
m Illùvatar has announced to the world the prelude for the upcoming first ever camapign for Untold Tales of Tolkien II Gold.

In the far, frozen northern reaches of Middle Earth, where few eyes ever gaze, a people abide on the icy planes. For centuries have generations of these men lived off the lands and built their homes from the very ice and stone before them. They have defended their lands from man and beast all this time, even at times when the odds have been stacked greatly against them. They are the Lossoth, a hardy and strong willed people.

Time works against the Lossoth, however. The diminished, but not destroyed darker powers of the north attempt to unite and reclaim the lands they conquered those long years ago. Wicked Hillmen, so desperate in their thirst for conquest, unite with clans of Orcs and ravage the northern mountains and coastline, depriving the Lossoth of valuable foraging and hunting grounds. Lossoth camps are razed to the ground, their people killed, mutilated or taken away. It is now only a matter of time before the enemies gaze turns to the largest Lossoth camp in the north.

Chieftain Tulipak of the Lossoth tribes faces a threat on all sides as the enemy gradually surround him. With food supplies running low and many good men dead, he knows not where to turn. But perhaps the arrival of a company of adventurers will give him the strength the Lossoth need to face off the threat. But these adventurers will need to be something very special. For they shall face hosts of foes, both able and cunning. They will walk right into the jaws of the enemy, unmasking terrible plans and secrets. They will come face to face with the enemy masterminds and the mysterious agents aiding them...or are they? On their travels, they will encounter the harsh terrain of the frozen north and its denizens. It is an enexplored wilderness with many dangers, hidden secrets and forgotten treasures.

This campaign will entertain a party of players ranging from levels 5-10 with fully scaleable encounters and puzzles. Enjoy Untold Tales Of Tolkien II's first venture into fully linked regional quests - a campaign. Be immersed into an engaging and roleplay inspiring story which unfolds through 5 thrilling chapters (quests):

Chapter 1 - Stuck In a Hole
Chapter 2 - Unforseen Consequences
Chapter 3 - A Darker Diplomacy
Chapter 4 - Pack Hunters
Chapter 5 - Love thy Father

DM Eönwë
Herald of Manwë


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