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  18th March 2008 - DME: Errand of Mercy #4  
riving a large herd of cattle and carts through cold and hilly terrain was not going to be a simple task, and this even before the risk of entering troll country and a famine starved land.

Even before they set off, evil minds had managed to inflict hurt on the Dunedain by attempting to poison the supplies. Were it not for the extreme vigilance, the very peoples they sought to aid would have likely suffered even more from the dark deed and ill will. As it was only one Dunadan suffered and even he was able to make recovery, though the fortune of the Bree man who took some of the corrupted grain for himself remains yet unknown.

Eventually they did set off, scouts travelling far ahead and over the weeks making their worth known by ensuring that the main assemblage was well warned of danger long before the danger came to them. So they cleared their path from assaults by bandits seeking to take some portion of the goods, trolls making for the cattle and orcs turning attention to them also. A good quarter of the supplies were lost as battles ensued, yet those who took part in the journey would no doubt testify that this was a small number, for the dangers encountered from land and beasts were great.

Their arrival in the tribal camp was soon turned to jubilation from the starved folk; mothers and children gathering what few flowers still bloomed and throwing the petals at the feet of those who came with the indispensable aid. The Chief and his advisors looking far more favourably upon the company of travellers made their appreciation known, as well as their means would allow. Orders were soon given to begin distribution of the food but to preserve some livestock for breeding and grain for sowing.

A treacherous journey behind them and thankful tribe as their host, young faces staring at the strange visitors as the fire light illuminated their faces the company settled for the night. Hearts warm and minds filled with thoughts that whatever darkness may lie ahead; duty, honour, righteousness and above all good will had prevailed this day.

So ends the Errand of Mercy!

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