NW Vault Hall of Fame Wireplay
  4th March 2008 - DME: Errand of Mercy #3  
he council had gathered to hear the news from those who had now visited the tribe. Though their journey had been one with considerable danger, they had in the end reached their goal. The Long Hair Tribe being not unfriendly though they looked upon the elves with considerable caution; calling them “White Devils”. The council deliberated long on the route and security of the main relief supplies, and there was general agreement that some manner of confrontation was to be expected. It being finally agreed that a single journey in mass was best; so long as the way was clearly scouted as the supplies travelled to their destination. On the matter of the song recited by Haliqa the Remember of Tales, strong objection was expressed by the Dunedain on suggestion that it should reach ears other than those present. The council agreeing in the end that the song would remain a secret and any delving in to its meanings would be done so by those in the highest of trust.

DM Eönwë
Herald of Manwë


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