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  11th February 2008 - DME: Errand of Mercy #2  
aving gathered at the call of Elrond, those present soon learned from Validriel of how she and Eldaeron came across the body of one Daood; how upon his person they found parchment with poorly written Archaic Westron, telling of famine and the hope of finding aid from friends of a great many years ago; how they recovered his axe and now lay it before the council, and of the words “In Friendship” written upon it.

After considerable debate it two main actions were agreed. First that a small group would travel ahead to seek out the tribe of this man. With them they would take as many provisions as they could, in case they do happen upon a folk devastated by famine. With them they would take the axe and return it, as an additional gesture of their own goodwill. Charged with the leading of this company the Dunedain Serendur.

At the same time would others be charged with gathering of food supplies from across Breelands all the way to Tharbad, so that with utmost haste the major relief could set forth.

2nd Event: 17th February 2008, 19:00 GMT
Location: Imladris
DM: Araw

DM Eönwë
Herald of Manwë


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