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  15th January 2007 - Olórin Scrawls a Message...  
ELCOME TO THE latest update for UTT2.
The following new/improved features go live here and now...

  The Lake Long area, Esgaroth and its interiors have had a substantial revamp and now include a new look Laketown and lakeshore areas from the banks of the Celduin to the Lonely Mountain.  
  Umbar has had a bit of a facelift and a few new minor merchants added. This work stemmed from the addition of guild areas and things... ahem... rather snowballed. The city now has a more southerly look and feel and introduces placables and features that we didnt have access to a year ago. Hopefully you should be able to step out of the Iron Anchor and know that you are in tropical latitudes.  
  The route north of Umbar now features a more accurate geography and the transitions have been re threaded to accomodate this. We have plans to continue this sort of work into the eastern borders of Gondor and maybe beyond.  
  On that note, more changes to come in the Ithilien, Pelennor Fields, Rammas Echor, and Ephel Duath areas soon...  
  Thranduil's Halls in Northern Mirkwood, coming soon courtesy of DM Unien! Looking forward to that!  
  Fixes to Tharbad quests: The Spiders in the Walls, a dangerous crawl into Old Tharbad's underbelly. Helping Hector and Helping Penbroome a couple of simple non-combat tasks with some entertaining characters.  
  Horse merchants added in Bree, Waymeet and Umbar. More to come soon in Minas Tirith, Edoras (obviously) and elsehwhere...  
  Work continues apace on our NWN2 - UTT3 project. The itemset is in place along with several multi-threaded quests. Work on the detailed crafting system and customised feats, classes, races and sub-races is well under way. Keep an eye on the NWN2 threads on our forums and DM Kev will do his level best to keep you up to speed.  

Kindest regards
*the old man bows*
DM Olórin


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