NW Vault Hall of Fame Wireplay
  19th March 2008 - Campaign Prelude: Forochel Campaign  
m Illùvatar has announced to the world the prelude for the upcoming first ever camapign for Untold Tales of Tolkien II Gold.  ...more
  18th March 2008 - DME: Errand of Mercy #4  
riving a large herd of cattle and carts through cold and hilly terrain was not going to be a simple task, and this even before the risk of entering troll country and a famine starved land.  ...more
  4th March 2008 - DME: Errand of Mercy #3  
he council had gathered to hear the news from those who had now visited the tribe. Though their journey had been one with considerable danger, they had  ...more
  11th February 2008 - DME: Errand of Mercy #2  
ving gathered at the call of Elrond, those present soon learned from Validriel of how she and Eldaeron came across the body of one Daood  ...more
  8th February 2008 - Getting the DMs known - Lòrien  
oday a new series has been started. From now on I will interview one of our DMs each month, so that our players get them known. This month we start with DM Lòrien, one of the eldest DMs on MERP UK.  ...more
  3rd February 2008 - DME: Errand of Mercy  
alidriel and Belegel entered the Hall of Fire, exhausted. They brought important news to Sir Elrond and soon he has called for a council  ...more
  15th January 2007 - Olórin Scrawls a Message...  
ELCOME TO THE latest update for UTT2. The following new/improved features go live here and now...  ...more
  10th December 2006 - Community Xmas/New Year Newsletter  
i everyone.

It’s been a steady past month for the community with some notable ups and downs – we really appreciate the support you have shown, so first a big thank you to all the players and staff.  ...more
  31st October 2006 - Community Updates + Newsletter - November - December  
ELLO EVERYONE. I'm pleased to announce the release of a massive update, targetted particularly at players of evil characters. There have been many requests over the last few months and  ...more
  30th October 2006 - CEP2 in UTT2  
E WILL BE upgrading the mod to use CEP2. We won't be using all of it, at least not to begin with, but we will be using it.  ...more
  9th October 2006 - Welcome to New Team Members  
FTER A LONG process of deciding from the players who applied or were nominated for a DM position, we have taken on three new members. I would like you all to welcome our new DMs  ...more
  26th August 2006 - The Windlord Speaks from His High Eyrie...  
HE LATEST UPDATE is now live! Changes include:  ...more
  17th June 2006 - Patches, a Welcome to DM Aiwendil, and Welcome Returns...  
LITTLE BIT OVERDUE *coughs*, but better late than never as they say in the Shire. In the interests of simplicity and since Untold Tales II has been patched to NWN 1.67  ...more
  2nd June 2006 - The Two Tributes  
VERY SPECIAL DAY has just gone by, for two reasons.

Our community is now three years old. Starting with just me in may 2003, we have steadily built up to what we have become today.  ...more
  29th April 2006 - Long Overdue Update  
t has beed way too long since this old Greybeard updated this site and he is thinking of seriously berating himself for his tardiness later...  ...more
  28th February 2006 - CONGRATULATIONS ! - added 29th April 2006  
PIC CONGRATULATIONS go out to Kev and his lady Katrina on the birth of their baby daughter Jasmine.  ...more
  22nd October 2005 - Latest Module Updates and 2 new HAKs in use!  
ecause its fun to make you lot work for it, it is time once again to shimmy over to the faithful NWvault and download a pair of fine tileset haks.  ...more
  29th September 2005 - Our NWN2 Project...  
few of you are probably aware that a meeting took place this evening concerning the future of the community in the nwn2 era.  ...more
  27th August 2005 - MERPmoot2005 & a BIG "thank you" for DM Aule  
his was the first ever NWN community meet which was a great day where nine of us finally met!  ...more
  25th July 2005 - THE SHIRE finally goes online!  
ollowing much beard tearing and burning the candle at both ends, we now have a workable version of the Shire  ...more
  23rd July 2005 - Latest Module Updates - Minas Tirith and Dol Guldur.  
he following, courtesy of DM Kev, is now online:  ...more
  20th June 2005 - Important Announcement  
here's been some important changes on the "organisational" side of our server.  ...more
  8th June 2005 - Tileset HAKs in use!  
es, I know, I lied about the use of tileset HAKs! I told you all that there would be no tileset HAKs whilst I was busily working  ...more
  30th May 2005 - Community Rules & Regulations Revised  
ollowing much consideration and some discussion on the Forums we have published our New Player Friendly Revised Guidelines  ...more
  16th May 2005 - NEW Character Boigraphies added...  
ome are well established figures in Middle Earth others have barely stepped out of their doors to see where the road leads them  ...more
  13th May 2005 - OUR NEW SITE GOES ONLINE!  
inally Olórin gets his finger out and uploads our new website to its proper place in the Wireplay Community.  ...more
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