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  14th August 2021 - Long overdue update on state of affairs  
uring the last months I had not as much time as I wished I had. But a good part of the quests for the Free Folks has been migrated onto the new system and it seems to be stable enough. The high-level quests in Minas Tirith and later still has to be ported, but I guess it will take some time even with the additional XP to get there.

I started to rework the first quests in Dol Guldor, but the scripts there are quite ensnared and thus for now I deactivated the option to join Sauron's army.

Also, I removed the password from the server. That means you may see some more players on the server. I also set up and configured NWSync and new tool from Neverwinter Nights: Extended Edition to download custom content directly from the game server. The time to manually download zip files and extract haks into the game folders is over. Since the mod is destined to use CEP the first download is around 5GB and will take a while due to the numerous amount of small files. Unfortunately, there is no way to substitute this first download by downloading manually all files.

Nevertheless, I will still work on the module as time permits and keep you updated.

Have fun enjoying this very old module.

Enw, Herald of Manw

  10th January 2021 - The server ist dead, long live the server!  
very year around Christmas, I found myself wondering that it would be really nice to have the server back online and I start doing some stuff. Back in 2017 I got even far enough to get the server running again, but I needed to shut it down in summer again just due to costs, since it costed around 35 per month to keep the server alive. I found now a much more economic way to host the server and I am happy to announce that the server is alive again.

Unfortunately, we still have to deal with a lot of technical debt from ten years ago, when the Neverwinter Nights 1.69 update was released. I did some updates already and I think I am confident to have some more players join this wonderful world. But please remember all the times that this is far from bug free and you may encounter some problems.

In general I plan to rework all quests so that all use the same scripts. That will improve performance and maintainability and will allow us to have some new cool features like persistent quests, ppersistent journals and Discord connectivity. For those who are new to Neverwinter Nights, you should now, that back in 2004 you had to finish a quest before a server restart or otherwise your progress was lost. With new features in Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition it is now possible to save the progress also between server restarts. In the old days a server restart was necessary due to decreasing performance every second day latest, I am not too sure how much it improved now, so we will need to observe that.

The good-aligned starting area THE SHIRE is complete done: all quests are re-worked, and all shops are also updated, and I tested everything. It should work in a reasonable way. I am currently working on BREE and then I will head over to THARBAD. From there on I will wait for feedback.

Another big change is, that you do not need to manually download hak-packs anymore. The server runs nwsync that automatically downloads all required files and also keeps them uptodate in case I will add some new features. That means the only thing you will need is Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition and then select our server with the name "Untold Tales of Tolkien II" or via its IP address Please be aware you will need to download about 5.4 GB of data the first time you join the server.

Currently the server is protected by a password. Just drop by on Discord and ask for it.

I strongly advice that you use Discord to keep in touch with me and other players. If you find any problems, please post it on Discord as well.

Enw, Herald of Manw

  20th November 2017 - Untold Tales of Tolkien II Platinum  
s already told long ago, I found some unfinished areas made by Olorin some years ago and had the idea to include them and run the server once more. Unfortunately, I also had the idea of re-working all items and merchants. In hindsight I should have better not started that. But semi-finally it is completed now. Olorin's new areas are included and most merchants ahs been re-worked; at least on the side of the Free Folks, the bad guys have to wait a little bit. Furthermore, I introduced a new feature of exploration xp bonus and secret areas. For now, you will get some bonus xp once you discovered all areas in The Shire. For now there are no secret areas, but I am currently working on one.
I ask you to test and report all errors. Now with this version of the mod the door for more updates are opened.

Eönwë, Herald of Manwë

  15th August 2017 - Discord Community Channel  
ince we want to move Untold Tales of Tolkien to the current decade we Discordalso updated the means of chat rooms replacing good old mIRC with new and fancy discord.

Discord is an app for Android and iOS, but also works in browser for text and voice communication. Thus, replacing both Team Speak and mIRC.

We also included a fancy widget to chat while being online on the webpage. Enjoy!

Eönwë, Herald of Manwë

  8th August 2017 - Guild Webpages Back Online!  
ith some help from DM Olrin I was able to reconstruct the webpages of two of the best known guilds from Untold Tales of Tolkien.

The Noble Guild of the Silverswords, a guild based in Tharbad which ultimate objective is to fight evil and protect all free folks. You also may know their headquarter in Tharbad. If not you shall better take a look.

The second guild is Silverdelve, a loose clan of Dwarven refugees from the destroyed city of Silverdelve.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find any information about Melkor's Chosen. If you do have information about any guild from the past or when you want to claim leadership of one of the existing guilds or create a new one, feel free to contact me at eownwe@untoldtales.org.

And in general, if you do have any information regarding Untold Tales of Tolkien, please contact me and share that pieces. I will be glad to post it on the website.

Enw, Herald of Manw

  1st August 2017 - Still not dead!  
he server is online again on the new address We are currently working on some changes. Stay tuned!


  11th June 2017 - New Release: Beren and Lthien  
oday a new book from J.R.R. Tolkien (edited by his son Christopher Tolkien) was released; the well-known tale of Beren and Lthien. It is said that J.R.R. Tolkien's wife Edith inspired him when they walked together through the nearby forest where she sometimes sang and danced for him. If that story is true or not, Beren and Lthien is the biggest love story in Middle-earth and for sure worth a read!

You can order it on Amazon

  3rd February 2016 - Online Server Status  
tried now for the last couple of days to this script working, but somehow I do not get a response from the server. Since websites like yourserverlist.com and iscandar.ch work fine, I have no idea what the problem is. If anyone of you have an idea, feel free to contact me. I moved this feature now to the very bottom of the priority list and I will continue working on the module and setting up a beta test server.
In the meanwhile you can check the server status at the bottom of every page on our website.


  20th January 2016 - How to play on our server  
updated the page Start Playing to reflect 'recent' changes when BioWare stopped officially supporting Neverwinter Nights and GameSpy shutting down completely back in February 2013. For those familiar with the game already, just ignore the message and direct connect to See you soon on Arda!


  18th January 2016 - There's life in the old dog yet  
ack in winter 2014/2015 I experienced a major hardware crash which forces me to replace hard-drives and re-install Windows. In the course of that I sorted all my backups and I also found all that wonderful stuff about Untold Tales from 2008 and before. While I was still sorting out things with my desktop computer and my home server, I installed Neverwinter Nights and took a look at all that forgotten stuff.

I was overwhelmed by all that wonderful things and also by all that unreleased material I have (for example Forlindon from Olrin). I then had the idea of resurrection Untold Tales of Tolkien II.

Unfortunately it took some time until I got most things settled and running, but now it is time to announce that Untold Tales of Tolkien II Gold is running again!

Though, it is still the version from September 2008 without any new content. BUT I plan to add new stuff and update things during the next weeks and months and get you posted as good as possible.

That being said, download the haks now and get on the server! See you soon and have fun and a lot of nostalgic feelings.


  8th September 2008 - Neverwinter Nights & CEP Update  
he time has came and the server was updated New Gate of Moria already some days ago. It is now official that the server is updated to Neverwinter Nights 1.69 and CEP 2.1.

Furthermore we are proud to announce that the UTT2 Development Team released a new HAK PAK including new content, like new custom prestige classes and many fixes.

Go to the download page to find out more.


  11th April 2008 - New information revealed - The Ranger of the North  
ithin the upcomming addon "The Forgotten Kingdom" there will also be at least one new prestige class, that fits perfectly to the new setting; the long awaited Ranger of the North. You can find some more information here.

At this point I want to thank the-small-print for his brilliant work on the new icons for this class.


  11th April 2008 - Getting the DMs known - Araw  
he second DM was found to answer us some questions.

Hello, Araw. Thank you for taking part in the interview. Could we begin by talking about yourself. How did you come to UTT2?
Thanks. I joined UTT2 straight from UTT1, I think I was on UTT1 for about a year before UTT2 came on line. I can still remember some of the areas from that module, in fact there was a certain Lizard area where I think I first bumped in to clone no 3, nostalgia creeping in now. Fun times.

You can read the complete interview here.


  19th March 2008 - Campaign Prelude: Forochel  
llvatar has announced to the world the prelude for the upcoming first ever camapign for Untold Tales of Tolkien II Gold.

In the far, frozen northern reaches of Middle Earth, where few eyes ever gaze, a people abide on the icy planes. For centuries have generations of these men lived off the lands and built their homes from the very ice and stone before them. They have defended their lands from man and beast all this time, even at times when the odds have been stacked greatly against them. They are the Lossoth, a hardy and strong willed people.

Time works against the Lossoth, however. The diminished, but not destroyed darker powers of the north attempt to unite and reclaim the lands they conquered those long years ago. Wicked Hillmen, so desperate in their thirst for conquest, unite with clans of Orcs and ravage the northern mountains and coastline, depriving the Lossoth of valuable foraging and hunting grounds. Lossoth camps are razed to the ground, their people killed, mutilated or taken away. It is now only a matter of time before the enemies gaze turns to the largest Lossoth camp in the north.

Chieftain Tulipak of the Lossoth tribes faces a threat on all sides as the enemy gradually surround him. With food supplies running low and many good men dead, he knows not where to turn. But perhaps the arrival of a company of adventurers will give him the strength the Lossoth need to face off the threat. But these adventurers will need to be something very special. For they shall face hosts of foes, both able and cunning. They will walk right into the jaws of the enemy, unmasking terrible plans and secrets. They will come face to face with the enemy masterminds and the mysterious agents aiding them...or are they? On their travels, they will encounter the harsh terrain of the frozen north and its denizens. It is an enexplored wilderness with many dangers, hidden secrets and forgotten treasures.

This campaign will entertain a party of players ranging from levels 5-10 with fully scaleable encounters and puzzles. Enjoy Untold Tales Of Tolkien II's first venture into fully linked regional quests - a campaign. Be immersed into an engaging and roleplay inspiring story which unfolds through 5 thrilling chapters (quests):

Chapter 1 - Stuck In a Hole
Chapter 2 - Unforseen Consequences
Chapter 3 - A Darker Diplomacy
Chapter 4 - Pack Hunters
Chapter 5 - Love thy Father


  18th March 2008 - DME: Errand of Mercy #4  
riving a large herd of cattle and carts through cold and hilly terrain was not going to be a simple task, and this even before the risk of entering troll country and a famine starved land.

Even before they set off, evil minds had managed to inflict hurt on the Dunedain by attempting to poison the supplies. Were it not for the extreme vigilance, the very peoples they sought to aid would have likely suffered even more from the dark deed and ill will. As it was only one Dunadan suffered and even he was able to make recovery, though the fortune of the Bree man who took some of the corrupted grain for himself remains yet unknown.

Eventually they did set off, scouts travelling far ahead and over the weeks making their worth known by ensuring that the main assemblage was well warned of danger long before the danger came to them. So they cleared their path from assaults by bandits seeking to take some portion of the goods, trolls making for the cattle and orcs turning attention to them also. A good quarter of the supplies were lost as battles ensued, yet those who took part in the journey would no doubt testify that this was a small number, for the dangers encountered from land and beasts were great.

Their arrival in the tribal camp was soon turned to jubilation from the starved folk; mothers and children gathering what few flowers still bloomed and throwing the petals at the feet of those who came with the indispensable aid. The Chief and his advisors looking far more favourably upon the company of travellers made their appreciation known, as well as their means would allow. Orders were soon given to begin distribution of the food but to preserve some livestock for breeding and grain for sowing.

A treacherous journey behind them and thankful tribe as their host, young faces staring at the strange visitors as the fire light illuminated their faces the company settled for the night. Hearts warm and minds filled with thoughts that whatever darkness may lie ahead; duty, honour, righteousness and above all good will had prevailed this day.

So ends the Errand of Mercy!


  4th March 2008 - DME: Errand of Mercy #3  
he council had gathered to hear the news from those who had now visited the tribe. Though their journey had been one with considerable danger, they had in the end reached their goal. The Long Hair Tribe being not unfriendly though they looked upon the elves with considerable caution; calling them White Devils. The council deliberated long on the route and security of the main relief supplies, and there was general agreement that some manner of confrontation was to be expected. It being finally agreed that a single journey in mass was best; so long as the way was clearly scouted as the supplies travelled to their destination. On the matter of the song recited by Haliqa the Remember of Tales, strong objection was expressed by the Dunedain on suggestion that it should reach ears other than those present. The council agreeing in the end that the song would remain a secret and any delving in to its meanings would be done so by those in the highest of trust.


  11th February 2008 - DME: Errand of Mercy #2  
aving gathered at the call of Elrond, those present soon learned from Validriel of how she and Eldaeron came across the body of one Daood; how upon his person they found parchment with poorly written Archaic Westron, telling of famine and the hope of finding aid from friends of a great many years ago; how they recovered his axe and now lay it before the council, and of the words In Friendship written upon it.

After considerable debate it two main actions were agreed. First that a small group would travel ahead to seek out the tribe of this man. With them they would take as many provisions as they could, in case they do happen upon a folk devastated by famine. With them they would take the axe and return it, as an additional gesture of their own goodwill. Charged with the leading of this company the Dunedain Serendur.

At the same time would others be charged with gathering of food supplies from across Breelands all the way to Tharbad, so that with utmost haste the major relief could set forth.


  3rd February 2008 - DME: Errand of Mercy  
alidriel and Belegel entered the Hall of Fire, exhausted. They brought important news to Sir Elrond and soon he has called for a council with the Dnedain rangers.

Alignment: Good initially, scope for neutral also later.
Anticipated number of Events: 4 (other dates will be advised)
1st Event: 10th February 2008, 17:00 GMT
Location: Imladris
DM: Araw


  8th January 2008 - Getting the DMs known - Lrien  
oday a new series has been started. From now on I will interview one of our DMs each month, so that our players get them known. This month we start with DM Lrien, one of the eldest DMs on MERP UK.

Hello Lrien, thank you very much for the interview. Would you please tell us something about yourself?
Hello, and not a problem. Happy to take part. Something about myself? I work as a trainer for the NHS (Englands public health service). I live in Bristol in England so am in the UK timezone.

I have quite an RPG background - like many I started with DnD, for me it was AD&D (second edition) although I used to (and probably still do) have copies of the first edition. In DnD I was always a player, from there friends and I moved through many different games, and at times I've been DM and player. My first DMing experience was a one off Judge Dredd adventure which I wrote and ran about 17 years ago. The main systems I DM'd though were Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Aliens the RPG and Iron Crown Enterprises MERP (which I would hope we all know stands for Middle Earth Role Play). In fact it was the recognition of the MERP name that first drew me to this server. Nowadays I still DM PnP games - currently my favourite to DM is Serenity.

Read the rest of the interview here.



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